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Introduction To The Classification Of Folding Coffee Table

Introduction To The Classification Of Folding Coffee Table

Now there are a lot of young people will choose a small house, so the pressure is not too great, then when people choose a table, they will consider folding coffee table, so that not only can use space, but also convenient collection placement. So, today’s small editor to introduce you to the folding coffee table under what kind?

1.Wood folding coffee table: the general wooden folding table is also a more common one, it is not only environmentally friendly, service life is also relatively strong, at the same time due to the reasons of material, convenient design into a variety of folding methods.

Introduction To The Classification Of  Folding Coffee Table

Its desktop material sits also many kinds, such as mahogany tabletop, pear wood tabletop, fir wood bar tabletop, solid wood tabletop, etc. , usually home use more is solid wood tabletop, although the cost is high, but very good maintenance, life is relatively long.

2. Rattan folding office table: in our life, can also be in the small household-type home can see the rattan folding table and chair and other furniture, this furniture using aluminum alloy skeleton and rattan woven steel nails, not only with a thick texture, its surface is smooth and easy to clean, but also not rusty long non-corrosive also easy to clean.

3. Plastic folding office table: This folding table is very light because the material of its tableist is made of plastic, which is made of ABS engineering plastic, and the scaffolding of the table is made of aluminum alloy. Compared to other materials folding tables, is relatively light, more suitable for outdoor dining, or marketing for advertising table use.

Introduction To The Classification Of  Folding Coffee Table

When we buy this kind of table, the first thing to pay attention to is whether there is no space in the welding area, whether it is smooth. At the same time also pay attention to whether the coating is soft, uniform, spring and hardware parts performance is good or bad. You can also observe whether the card port is strong, the chute is not astringent.

Also try whether the part is easy to fold when folding, it is recommended that it is best not to be loose, but tight, and just right as best. Second, we should take into account the size of the use of space, must be based on the size of the space, to choose the corresponding size of the folding table. Consider the best placement of the folding table based on the above. If the home has a wall design, then it is recommended to choose a lightweight and flexible table, so that the expansion is a regular dining table, do not need to use, you can also fold against the wall.

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