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What Are The Types Of Office Reception Desk?

What Are The Types Of Office Reception Desk?

In the enterprise, the reception desk represents the face of an enterprise company, face dress and decoration wan wan can not be sloppy and generous, the face of the office front can not only improve the enterprise’s culture, and the company’s external image, while the office front decoration style can also highlight the character characteristics of its users, So how do we go to the officereception desk decoration design?

According to different enterprises and the company’s business scope, we generally put the office front desk decoration design is divided into three aspects.

What Are The Types Of Office Reception Desk?

一.Practical reception desk

Practical front-end decoration is generally applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises and companies, because they face customers and groups are relatively, is in a nascent state, do not care too much about the value of the enterprise, and for those start-up companies, there is not too much budget to carry out special decoration of the enterprise’s front desk image, For start-up spending on start-ups and companies, it’s more relevant than spending money decorating the front desk than having a practical reception desk.

二. Face-and-feel reception desk
The reception desk of the type of face is more suitable for those companies to locate beauty, the face of customers are mostly female customers and high-end users of the company and enterprises, such companies in the office decoration, pay attention to the decoration of the face value, as well as the image of the enterprise external.

What Are The Types Of Office Reception Desk?

三. Style reception desk

Speaking of this kind of company, that is certainly related to hotels, real estate, international trade-type large-scale or listed enterprises, their customer base is generally high-end service objects, foreign investors and national leaders, such as this type of company front office, in style can be said to be a full effort. Try to see the above three different office front desk types, each of which is called in each level stage of the enterprise company, and each company’s front desk also do not have to blindly pursue the so-called high-end front desk, suitable for their own is the best.

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